The Los Angeles Public Library System historic sites are comprised of 22 buildings constructed in various period revival styles to house the initial branch library system of the City of Los Angeles. Many of these buildings are based upon various Mediterranean styles representative of Southern California in the early twentieth century, and are located in parks or are surrounded by maintained landscaping. Most were signed by prominent commercial and/or institutional architects of the time incorporating architectural features suggestive of famous literary figures. This website explores the LAPL landmarks placed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

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While many historic LAPL library sites are fully operational, others have relocated to new quarters. In the meantime, the landmark buildings became homes for community centers, local historic societies, and private institutions.

On the individual pages, you will find information about physical location of the historic buildings, as well as their online presence, including websites and Facebook channels. Also provided is information about the branch history, the current status of LAPL historic sites, and additional resources, including books, photographs, videos, and mass media publications as they relate to each historic site.